Expect What You Inspect

“You can expect what you inspect.” What does that mean, exactly? When the leader of an organization or team or group gives a directive or the group collectively has determined a course of action and assignments have been made, that goal or assignment can only be achieved with monitoring and follow-up. In other words: inspection!

4 Critical Recruitment Tips

4 Essential Recruitment & Staffing Tips for New Entrepreneurs Reposted from Noobpreneur. Author Ivan Widjaya More than anything else, people make businesses successful. Yes, plans, models, and budgets can all help business leaders develop thriving organizations. But without the right staff members in place, even the best-laid strategies will likely fail. Read more…

Giving Your Very Best

It’s not over until its over and you never truly know how it’s going to end. Never underestimate the power of motivation and all out effort! Even when it looks like there is no way, it is often not until it looks hopeless that we finally dig deep within ourselves and really fight for what we want with full purpose of heart.

How Culture Can Drive Value

People want something they can believe in and they aren’t stupid. They want to unite behind a common cause. Ideally that cause is you and your organization and what you both stand for. In a world full of shiny objects, it is easy for you to get lost if you don’t stand out.


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